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Virtue is our brand of functional foods including delicious tasting prebiotic mixes and our monk fruit extract sweetener.

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What can we say?  A delicious meal or snack solution is here - without high-carb oats, without wheat!  Try our Classic Granola and Slow-Toasted Flakes "cereals." They are great with milk or stirred into yogurt for some crunch!

GMO Information

To the best of our knowledge, none of our ingredients come from GMO crops.  We will work to develop a policy for certification as this issue unfolds, as there are not clear guidelines on how to verify the information provided us by suppliers.  The good news is that the vast majority of our ingredients are not typical GMO culprits in the first place.   Erythritol is typically corn-derived, however, and our supplier has indicated that theirs is derived from non-GMO corn.  Sugar alcohols such as erythritol are meant to be devoid of the base crop's proteins anyway which gives us further comfort.  We realize this issue is important to you and it is to us - as a company, as people, and as parents. 

Wheat-Free Market Foods

Believe in what you eat!


Our wheat-free Almond Flour Cookies come in several delicious flavors.  These cookies are made with our proprietary sweetening blend of erythritol and monk fruit extract, giving you the best of both worlds: the baking benefits of sugar alcohols but in reduced quantities because of the added benefit of a high intensity sweetener without the aftertaste!  Be sure to notice the net carbohydrates (Carbs minus Fiber minus Erythritol)!

Avoiding wheat, HFCS, and chemicals often makes flavoring and spicing up our foods with condiments challenging.  So check out the labels on these incredible sauces!  Yes, just what you would want: food!   No sodium benzoate, no modified food starch, no dyes.  Enjoy the natural flavor of fresh peppers as the primary ingredient!  Big Food would save a few pennies by mixing old dried peppers with water and gums to try to "recreate" the peppers.  Next would come the chemical "cocktail."  Not here!

In a hurry?  Our single-serving pouches are just the answer!  If you need a quick wheat-free muffin or wrap, or even pita chips or a pizza crust, our microwaveable mixes will serve you well.   The Flaxseed Wrap mix is very versatile in providing the functionality of a wrap or pizza crust, or if it's party time even a wonderful snack as pita chips!  The muffins come in three flavors that are sure to please.  Feel free to let the chef in you add your own personal touch with other flavors, spices, or ingredients.

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