Welcome to Wheat-Free Market Foods LLC, the only food production company with products that are officially Wheat Belly approved and vetted by Dr. William Davis, cardiologist and bestselling author of Wheat Belly and Wheat Belly Total Health.

You likely found us because you have chosen to live a
wheat-free/grain-free and low-carbohydrate nutrition lifestyle.  That means you are in the right place!  We hope to be your ongoing source for food products that will make living your chosen nutrition lifestyle as easy as possible.  
We are Wheat Bellyers too, and understand the challenges of trying to eat grain-free in today’s world.  We recognize that the demands of modern families can make doing so difficult. Our goal is to offer you the added dimension of convenience in your life. Whether you are shuttling kids to soccer practice or need to get to the office early for an important meeting, our products can help you meet the needs of your demanding schedule while staying the course. You’ve made your choices, we are here to help.

Wheat-Free Market Foods

Grain-Free Wheat Belly Compliant Foods!

Feature: Navigating Holiday Festivities While Grain-Free